My Top Ten Keys / Cancer Survival

Roby’s Top Ten keys, Cancer treatment, Setting your intention to survive, Researching your illness. What are the lifesaving questions for me cancer? Advanced, aggressive and rare cancer, Cancer survival is priority number one, Where are my lifelines? Personalized cancer care

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Lifelines / Redefining Cancer Survival

Look no further. it's finally here. An uplifting, comprehensive 21st century approach to the new world of cancer survival. When any of us are hit with cancer, it's what we don't know that can kill us! This book details the step-by-step approach the author developed to...

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Personalized Cancer Care / Better Outcomes!

Is personalized tumor research and treatment included in today's standard of care concerning oncology? In certain types of cancer, such as breast and lung malignancies, the answer might be "yes" in certain circumstances, but frequently, I would say the answer is "no"....

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Cancer Survival Game-changer / Triad of Survival

This holiday week end, I wanted to remind cancer survivors and their caretakers to be mindful and let go of complacency . If you are facing an aggressive, rare, or advanced malignancy, it would behoove you to study and research as many backup plans as you can. A large...

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Lifelines / Safer, More Effective Cancer Care

We just returned from the Cleveland Clinic for my quarterly scans and MRI's. During those three days, I met a number of patients like myself who were on treatment or had liver transplants. What impressed me was their determination and intention to get the best care...

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Cancer Survival / What Are The Essential Questions?

The old notion of the all-knowing doctor and the passive, compliant patient still works some of the time. But if you're facing a life-threatening illness, there's a good chance that this outcome may not be optimal. Not because doctors aren't trying, but because cancer...

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Through his passion, knowledge, experience, and having survived cancer himself, Mark teaches and connects with audiences like no other. He speaks to cancer patients, hospitals and medical centers, and religious organizations about highly impactful practices of personalized care and cancer survival.

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