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  • StoreMyTumor specializes in collecting, processing, and storing viable tumor tissue (and fluid and biopsy) for all types of cancers. Having the tumor preserved alive opens doors to immunotherapy and a host of diagnostics that may extend a patient’s time in remission.

    Every tumor is unique and contains information critical to treatment, but tumors are not preserved alive by the hospital and are routinely discarded as medical waist.

    Why Store Your Tumor?

    Up to 85% of cancer patients do not respond to traditional treatments or respond but later develop resistance, and recur.*

    With access to viable cancer tissue or cells, clinician can design personalized and more effective treatments, including:

    • Cellular immunotherapies (whole tumor vaccines or T-cell therapy) that awakens and stimulates the immune system to fight the cancer
    • Prioritizing chemo choices upfront, to begin with combinations that will be effective from day one
    • Identifying unique mutations on cancer cells and choosing medications that will precisely target the cancer cells, while sparing healthy cells

    Above list not comprehensive. * Source: Ovarian Epi Model, 2007 drug treated incidence; GfK 2007 Ovarian Cancer Study

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